Finding Cheap Alaskan Cruises

Finding cheap Alaskan cruises is easier than you think, and well worth the effort. Not only will you finally have access to the untouched beauty of Juneau, you will experience firsthand the reason why Alaskan cruises are very popular. In these economical times, however, it is advisable to try finding cheap Alaskan cruises.


The best method would be to arrange your schedule in such a way that you have total flexibility. This is because the best deal you will be able to get when finding cheap Alaskan cruises is most likely a last minute deal. This is because cruise lines prefer to embark on their cruises with a fully booked ship as much as possible.

Thus, many cruise lines offer up to 70% discounts a week before the scheduled Alaskan cruise departure. The only disadvantage of this is that you will have to either have a pre-packed suitcase ready or be willing to go through a last minute flurry of packing.


Finding a cheap Alaskan cruise also involves choosing an economical cabin. Cabins with no ocean-view tend to be cheaper than cabins that look out into the ocean. This is a great way to hack off a huge chunk from the cruise ticket price since you will most likely only use the cabin to sleep in. 

Travel Agents

Another popular way of finding cheap Alaskan cruises is to ask your travel agent for his or her recommendations. It will be better for you to select a travel agent who has actually gone on cruises so that you will have access to insider information. 

You may be lucky enough to find a travel agent who has gone on enough of the same cruises to know great tips such as how to get extra perks on board. Perks can include extra spa coupons, free entertainment tickets and separate bookings and payments for local tours’ shuttle services.

Finding a cheap Alaskan cruise can be done both online and in actual travel agencies. If you don’t have a personal travel agency favorite, you can easily find one through the recommendations of friends who are travel buffs. Also, a travel blog written by someone in or near your neighborhood may have recommended resources and invaluable cruise tips. Some Alaskan cruises offer 10-day packages which include free airfare, free shuttle services, free onshore unlimited excursions and all-ocean view packages. Nonetheless, you can inquire how much savings you can expect if you book separate shore tours and a taxi or car service. This way, you will be able to enjoy the same cruise as everyone else who paid full price, at half the cost.


Cheap Alaska cruises will also be available on the off-peak seasons which are around just before classes start and just after classes end. This is a great idea for a last minute vacation with the kids. For even greater savings, you can gather some of your friends and family members who love to travel and book as a group, ensuring a big discount on the Alaska cruise.

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