Finding Cheap Cruise Vacations

A cruise vacation may be a great way to spend the holidays, without having to break the bank. Many cheap cruise vacations and promotions advertise in the newspaper, through your travel agency or online. Whether you find a promo or not, however, there are ways to find a cheap cruise vacation by cutting some corners.

If you plan to take a cruise during peak season, compare the prices and inclusions between popular cruise lines. There will most likely be some last minute deals that will give you a peak season cruise at an off-peak rate.  

The good news about cruise vacations is that the prices don’t vary too much between lines. Find a travel agent who knows firsthand about a different cruise packages. Talk to your travel agent to see if he or she can get you extra perks such as a welcome gift or coupon vouchers once you are on the ship. 

Read the feedback written by real people on the cruise websites. This way, you will get a firsthand account of what really goes on behind the scenes of each cruise. Additionally, you can post your questions in various forums to get an informed opinion.

Off-season cruises are the most popular way to get cheap cruise vacations. In general, this occurs right before school is out and right before it starts. You will be able to get a discount ranging from about 10% to 60% depending on the cruise line.

Organize a Group
As part of your attempts to find cheap cruise vacations, gather together a group of friends in order to avail of a group discount. Some cruise lines consider two or more cabins a group, while others require ten cabins to be booked in order to consider it a group.

Not only will you get a group discount, you may be eligible for many extra perks. Most likely, you will notice a variation in room rates depending on where these are located on the ship. Usually, rooms on the higher decks near the ship’s middle are more expensive than the lower deck rooms.   

Guaranteed Stateroom
One way of saving money is by booking what is called a ‘guaranteed stateroom.’ Rather than choosing a specific room, you can simply select the class of room you would like. This can either be an outside room, inside room or a balcony room.   

Using this method will guarantee you a rock-bottom priced stateroom. However, you will not know on what part of the ship you will end up in until the last minute. During boarding time, you can easily upgrade your room to a more desirable unoccupied room, such as in mid ship rather than all the way in the back of the ship. This gamble is recommended, since the cost savings are usually huge.

All-inclusive entertainment on-board is usually free. In contrast, off-ship excursions sometimes have extremely exorbitant prices. You can save money on excursions by not booking directly with the cruise line but rather finding a private local company you can book personally.  

All these recommendations in your quest for finding cheap cruise vacations may seem to be time-consuming and involve a lot of effort. The resulting in half-priced top-quality vacation you end up with however may just make all this effort worth it.  

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