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Culinary magic abounds all around Nazareth Port, and dining in any one of the city’s many restaurants is an absolute pleasure. Arabic cuisine is at the top of a lot of visitors’ lists of favorite food, and a meal in...
There are shopping spots galore by the port of Nazareth selling all sorts of arts and crafts. With Nazareth a famous religious destination, many shops sell items related to the Christian faith. Top shopping spots are plentiful in Nazareth, and...
From Haifa, the port of Nazareth, it is very easy to get to the ancient city, and many transportation options are available. The short journey can be made by train, local bus service or cab. Depending on traffic and where...
With a world-renowned destination like the Nazareth port of call, historical, cultural and traditional attractions are all around. There are so many religious and architectural attractions in Nazareth that an organized tour might be better than going it alone. Three...
Haifa, in the Sea of Galilee, is the port of Nazareth and is like a city center destination all its own with shops, eating houses and transportation connections to the city center. For the best arts and crafts shopping, a...
Taking a taxi is the safest, easiest and most convenient way of getting from Muscat Port to the Chedi Hotel Pizza Restaurant in the city. Metered taxis have not yet arrived in Oman, and in Muscat in particular, some taxi...
Muscat Port, in the Sultanate of Oman, is not yet a bustling worldwide tourist destination, and negative reviews are difficult to find. With the centuries old Muttrah Souk (market) taking up a huge stretch of the slowly developing Muscat Port,...
Around the Muscat cruise terminal, you can explore the oldest souk (market) in the city, where you will find everything from frankincense to gold and silver jewelry. Shopping in Muttrah Souk gives a fascinating insight into the Muscat of old,...
Muscat is not a big city so distance presents no problem wherever you want to eat. Fast-food outlets are usually in or near the shopping malls, although there are stand-alone KFCs in the nearby areas of Ruwi and Quorum. Indian...
Muscat cruise port is centrally situated in the historical area of Muttrah. The city of Muscat does not have a "city center"as such but instead has a few areas that are regarded as centers in their own right. For instance,...
One of the attractions you’ll to visit when you step down the Bahrain port is the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life, or Sharajat-al-Hayat, is a 400-year-old mesquite tree that measures nearly 32 feet tall. It sits on top...
The Bab Al Bahrain is one of the best shopping options located near the Bahrain Port. It is in the center of the country’s capital of Manama. From the cruise port, there is a Costa bus that will drop you...
Bahrain Port has some areas where you can access the Internet. Most of these areas are located inside coffee shops and restaurants near the port. Most hotels in the port area also offer free Internet service in the lobby. Some...
Shopping is a favorite activity around Bahrain Port. Your first stop should be the Central Market. This is an open area where you will find a wide array of fresh produce, fresh meat and all sorts of products you can...
Bahrain port is surrounded with lots of eateries that offer varied international cuisine. Monsoon is one example. This popular restaurant serves tantalizing Chinese, Thai and Japanese fare in more than 100 dishes. If you prefer something cozy and warm, go...
Even though Luxor is known for its expensive hotels, there are still accommodations available for those on a tighter budget. Try the Little Village Hotel on Radwan Street, which is about a 10-minute drive from the port. Its manager has...
When you arrive at Luxor, there are plenty of beaches from which to choose. The port is within walking distance of several beaches in the region known as Hurghada, however it is highly recommend that you don't walk. Grab a...
Online reviewers often warn visitors to Luxor that the port of call is small. Despite the massive influx of visitors to Luxor, the port facilities remain unchanged and are not very tourist friendly. Do not expect to be met by...
It is not recommended that you drive by yourself in Egypt. The Luxor district is quite big, so it is a good idea to either book a tour with a local travel agency or join one of the land expeditions...
Luxor is served by the Luxor International Airport (IATA airport code: LXR), which is just a short 5- to 10-minute drive southeast from the port. The easiest way to get from the port to the airport is to grab a...
Most online reviewers agree that UNESCO made a smart choice by declaring Langkawi and its 99 islands a Geopark in 2007. This has helped attract more tourists to the area and bring more awareness about the importance of environmentally friendliness...
When visiting the nearby beach of Pantai Cenang (south of the port), try AddaMaya Cafe for a budget meal that includes choices from both local and international cuisine. The food is great, but the atmosphere is a bit poor. Don't...
Given that Langkawi Port is located in an archipelago composed of 99 islands, there are plenty of nearby beaches. The most popular beach is Pantai Cenang, which is at the end of Jalan Beringin road. From the port, head toward...
For the nearest top hotels near the Langkawi cruise port, you will need to drive south of the port to the Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah beaches. At the Pantai Cenang Beach, head to Casa del Mar. Daily check in...
Driving to the Langkawi Fish Market takes about 17 minutes from the port. Head northwest on Persiaran Putera toward Lencongan Putra. Turn left at Persiaran Mutiara, then make a sharp right turn to merge onto Jalan Padang Matsirat. After that,...
There are several places close to Alexandria Port where you can get good food. Mohammad Ahmed specializes in fuul and ta'amiyya. An English menu is available, as well. Abdel Wahab sells a variety of healthy appetizers and grilled lamb. The...
Alexandria Port has several places where you can shop. One of the most popular is the souk, or market, located in Midan Tahrir. One advantage of shopping here is that you can haggle over prices. Saad Zaghloul and Sharias Safiyya...
Alexandria Port is about 20 to 25 minutes from the airport by car. Turn onto Mohammad Fawzi Moaz when you leave the airport, and go northeast. When you reach Smoha Square, use the fifth exit. When you get to Al...
The cruise port facilities at Alexandria Port are modern and fully featured. Four berths are provided for passenger vessel use. The security is generally quite good, and you should expect checkpoints as you are entering and leaving. Make sure you...
Travelers generally regard Alexandria Port to be a good place to visit. Although it has far fewer historical and cultural sights than Cairo, most visitors are pleased with what's available while in port. Travelers usually enjoy walking along the seafront...
Several restaurants are near the Sokhna Port. For a nice and casual meal, head over to Bouillabaise where guests can enjoy a great seafood meal
There are plenty of places to go shopping in Port Sokhna. Many street vendors sell handmade goods such as clothing, jewelry, leather goods, handbags
There is plenty to do and see while at a Sokhna Port. History buffs will want to take a walking tour of sites such as St. Anthony's Cave, which is
For some great water activities while at a Sokhna Port, head over to one of the several beaches. Palmera Beach is a favorite with tourists and locals
Many restaurants are near Port Sokhna, and tourists can walk to them. Il Proverbio offers a buffet as well as pasta and seafood dishes. Another
You will find several points of interest in the area of Jeddah. When it comes to attractions, you won't want to miss the Nassif House which displays
Visitors will find numerous international cuisine options at the various restaurants in town. Radhi Hilal is popular for its that serves traditional
There are several popular places in and near the Jeddah Port. If you are interested in shopping, you won't want to miss Tahlia Street, where designer
Jeddah Corniche is the best place to go fishing. This is a section of the Red Sea where you can fish from the shore and enjoy the day picnicking, or
The Sarawat supermarket is one of the first shopping centers built in Jeddah. It's popular because of the abundance of items it offers. It is easily
There are many shops near Sharm El-Sheikh, including perfume and jewelry shops that sell perfume. The Il Mercato Shopping Mall sells name brand
Since Sharm El-Sheikh is surrounded by water, there are several places for visitors to enjoy plenty of water activities. The Red Sea has a beach area
There are a couple of ways to get to the cruise terminal from Sharm El-Sheikh Airport. Usually, visitors take a regular taxi from the airport to the
When you are ready for some shopping while at the Sharm El-Sheikh Port, there are many places to pick up souvenirs. Panorama Star is the store for
When you come to the Sharm El-Sheikh Port hungry, there are several nearby restaurants to satisfy your every whim. For authentic Egyptian cuisine
Dining off the ship should be something you experience while in port at Fujairah. Local Indian cafes will look like unassuming storefronts, but they
The need to surf the Internet and check your email can follow you all the way to the United Arab Emirates. The Fujairah Port offers the ability to
Shopping throughout the United Arab Emirates is legendary, and shopping hot spots near the Port of Fujairah are no different. Where you go to shop
The port of Fujairah is mainly used as a shipping stronghold as opposed to a tourist center. This means you will find few reviews from other
Bullfighting is a huge draw in the UAE, specifically in Fujairah. You will be able to find bull fighting throughout the city, although it is not at
The town center of Sydney is not far from the cruise terminal. If you are up for it, it is only a 10-minute walk to reach the center of town
The Sydney, NS Port offers its visitors some of the best restaurants in the area. First, there are a few recommended pubs in the area serve up some
There are a few popular shopping areas located in the Sydney, NS port. Head downtown to the Mayflower Mall, which is home to offer 70 different
While in the area of the Sydney, NS cruise terminal, there are many interesting sights to see while visiting. Check out the St. Patrick's Museum
Ziggy's Pub and Grill is a great place to grab the best fish and chips in the port area. They also serve great wings, which are perfect while
As a tourist, you might be surprised by all there is to do in and around the Ko Samui Port. You will find plenty of shopping opportunities in the
Travelers love to visit the Ko Samui Port because of all the enchanting things there are to see and do in the area. Tourists tend to enjoy shopping
You will find plenty of shopping near the Ko Samui Port. There are 3 major areas for shopping in the cities of Lamai, Chaweng and Nathon. Art cafes
While the port and surrounding area might seem small, the location offers a wide variety of things to see and do. The rock formations, called the
One of the most popular places to eat near the Ko Samui Port is called the Shack Bar and Grill. The laidback atmosphere and fair prices for the
The Suez Canal Port is very important due to its linking the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea. One of the advantages of the Suez Canal port of call
St. Pierre Port is located in a French controlled overseas territory in the North Atlantic Ocean. The main island, on which the St.
St. Lawrence Seaway Port is an international waterway that is 2,342 miles long.
General James Oglethorpe discovered Savannah Port in 1733.
Santa Barbara Port is located in California; it is one of the many U.S. ports of call on the Pacific Coast.
Located in the largest city of New Brunswick, Canada, the Saint John, NB Port is situated at the mouth of the St.
Saguenay Port is located in the Quebec province and region in Canada. Saguenay city is part of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region of Quebec.
Located in the largest river in Quebec, Canada, the Saguenay Port is one of the most significant ports in the region.
Red Bay Port is located in a small fishing village in the Newfoundland and Labrador region of Canada; it is a small but growing port in the region.
Quebec City Port lies on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River and serves seasonal cruises that come to experience the city's notable past.
Portsmouth Port is the only seaport for the state of New Hampshire.
Portland Port resides in the largest city in Maine.
Pendleton Port is the gateway to the Wild West history of Pendleton in Northeastern Oregon.
Newport Port, Rhode Island is one of the finest ports of call in the region.
Expect an idyllic vacation once you dock at the Nantucket Port. Nantucket Island is south of Cape Cod across the Nantucket Sound.
Nanaimo Port is situated on Vancouver Island, British Columbia in Canada.
Montreal Port is a busy inland port situated in one of Canada's largest metropolitan areas; Montreal, Quebec.
Situated in the coastal mountains of California, Monterey Port is packed with historic buildings, a world class aquarium center and a scenic coastline.
Martha's Vineyard Port is a gateway to the island located 8 miles south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
Louisbourg Port in Nova Scotia is a deep water harbor located in the southeast coast of Cape Breton Island.
The Longview port of call in the state of Washington has been in operation since 1921.
Once you set foot at Long Beach Port, you can look forward to Broadway shows, beach fun and hundreds of dining options from different cultures.
L'Anse aux Meadows Port is situated on the northern most point of Newfoundland, Canada.
Hood River Port is a port town on the Columbia River with the picturesque Mount Hood as a backdrop; it is set amidst the succulent orchards of apples, pears, peaches and cherries of Oregon.
The Halifax port of call in Nova Scotia, Canada is among the world's largest harbors; it sees a multitude of cruise ships every year.
Regarded as the oldest seaport in the United States of America, Gloucester cruise port is situated in Massachusetts on Cape Ann; it has a rich historical background and maritime legacy that goes back hundreds of years.
Gaspe Port in QC, Canada is the entry point of cruise ships visiting the Gaspe Peninsula.
Corner Brook Port in Newfoundland, Canada is the port of call for tourists visiting this city; it is known for its numerous ecological attractions, rich history, and laid back, cosmopolitan lifestyle.
Clarkston Port in the state of Washington is located along the banks of the Snake River, about 469 miles from the Columbia River.
Imagine the warm arms of a small town and the convenience of city living; this is Charlottetown.
The port of Catalina Island is a must-see place.
Campbell River Port is strategically located on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island in Canada.
Battle Harbour Port is a fishing station that originated in nineteenth century.
Bar Harbor Port is strategically located at the eastern part of Mt. Desert Island in Hancock County, Maine.
Astoria Port is the main port of the picturesque city of Astoria in Clatsop County, Oregon.
Alexandria Port is one of the oldest ports in the world. The city was founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC.
Yueyang Port is located in the northeast area of the Hunan province and is a tourist haven for cruise ships.
Yangtze River Port is situated in an area of the Yangtze River Delta that is comprised of the triangular shaped territories of Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang.
Yangon Port is situated in the largest city of Myanmar (formerly Burma).

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