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The Privet Batumi Bar, also known as Privet iz Batuma, is located in the heart of the city of Batumi. It's adjacent to the city's main boulevard and has been nicknamed "the hippest place in Batumi." The waiters dress as...
Most cruise passengers state the Batumi port is a beautiful place located right on the beach. It has a lengthy boardwalk for strolling, and the evening sunsets are thought to be more breathtaking in the evening than during the glorious...
Many of Batumi's most popular sights are located within walking distance of the city's port. St. Nicolas Church is part of the Temples of Batumi and is located within the city's main square. The address is listed as Town Centre...
The Batumi port has a number of different restaurants available ranging from simple cafes to eloquent sit down establishments. Most serve regional cuisine meaning a variety of different European dishes, while others focus on one type of food, such as...
Batumi is a seaside city in the country of Georgia, and it is a common port stop for cruises through the Black Sea. While this port city doesn't have a large variety of shopping options, there are a few key...
The Girgui-Ruse bridge is a short cab ride from the port. The first thing you need to understand about the Giurgiu-Ruse bridge is that it goes by
There are many outdoor activities in the Giurgiu port area. Many of these activities are just steps from the port, offering you a lot to see and do
There are plenty of restaurants near the Giurgiu port that offer a multitude of price points and cuisine levels. For a taste of Romania, you should
Shopping in Giurgiu will consist mostly of a single mall and many small shopping spots. The large scale shopper will want to travel by car or taxi
Hotel Dovinot is just one of the many luxury hotels near the Giurgiu port. The hotel is located at Str. Calea Bucaresti Nr. 191, Jud. Guirgui. To get
Keep in mind that you will need to walk from the port to find good restaurants. Head to the Hotel Bristol on 10 F.D. Roosevelt Street for great
The gift shops at the port of Yalta are mostly full of typical souvenirs ranging from key chains to vodka to Matryoshka dolls. However, try to get
A good place to start is the main market (Ovoshnoi Rynok). Although U.S. dollars and euros are accepted, it is a good idea to carry some local
The Yalta Port is located at President Roosevelt Street, which is about a 20 to 30 minute drive south from the Livadia Palace. While it is possible
A must-see sight nearby the Yalta Cruise Terminal is Livadia Palace. It is a good idea to join one of the paid guided tours departing the Yalta
The best place to get Keyikf Coffee and Tea in Trabzon is the Keyiff and Coffee Store, which is located inside the big shopping building called
One of the most popular shopping destinations in Trabzon is the Siramagalazar Caddesi street, which you can find west of the port and just about 10
Located across Rize Cd, the Trabzon Port of Call is within walking distance of the main town area. Rize Cd is the main artery of the town, and you
Trabzon is famous for its bracelets, which are known as Trabzon bracelets and are entirely made by hand using tiny gold and silver strings. This
The Trabzon Port dates back to before the Byzantine era. Most online reviewers highlight that the port is great for history buffs and those with
Shopping is a fun activity to do near and around the Cologne port. There are countless stores, retail shops, shopping streets and boutiques you can
You'll find plenty of amazing restaurants when you get to the Cologne port during your European cruise. The first one you'll see is Le Moissonnier
There are plenty of choices when it comes to hotels near the Cologne port. One of the most notable options is the Excelsior Hotel Ernst, which dates
The Cologne Bonn Konrad Adenauer Airport is just near the Cologne port. This airport serves both domestic and international flights, so you can also
You will never have a dull moment the minute you step down at the Cologne port with the wide array of amazing attractions you can see and visit while
Food feasts will welcome you when you arrive at the Nuremberg port for a shore excursion. Start your gastronomic adventure at Burgwachter, where you
Near Nuremberg Port, you will find a wide array of shopping centers, the most popular of which is the famous pedestrian precinct. There are also
Nuremberg Port is a common place for shore excursions of tourists going on European cruises. From here, you can reach the nearest airport, which is
Your shore excursion around Nuremberg Port will prove to be a worthwhile experience with many fascinating historic places nearby. Begin your
Two excellent hotels that are not too hard on the pocket are located near the Nuremberg port. These are Le Mridien Grand Hotel and Sheraton Hotel
There is only one Harwich Port gift shop, so there is not much of a choice right at the port. Though you can find souvenirs and other British
The London Stansted Airport (also known as just Stansted Airport, IATA airport code: STN) is the closest airport to Harwich Port, about 50 miles away
If you're hungry at the Harwich Port, you have several options both on site and nearby. At the Harwich Port, you can find the Quayside Cafe and
Locate on the southeast coast of England, Harwich Port parking facilities are modern and stand up to par to those of bigger British cities. The whole
Most online reviews about the Harwich Port are positive, and they often cite its good facilities, friendly staff and nearby attractions. The staff of
The Uniworld Port is in Budapest, Hungary. The Budapest port is primarily on the banks of the Danube River. Because of its unique location, the port
Depending on your cruise itinerary, your ship could dock on either side of the Danube. Either way, it is quite convenient for those docking at the
There are 2 hotels near the Budapest Port that have excellent location to many sites in the area and are also quite reasonably priced. The Hilton
For travelers able to stay at the Budapest Port for a while, there are many historical and interesting sites to visit. One such site is the Castle
Since Budapest is a major port, there is a variety of fine-dining choices within the area. One restaurant that is quite popular is the Karpatia
There are a few shops within the Barcelona Cruise Ship Terminal, but the prices are average. Also, unless you are from outside of the European Union
The Barcelona cruise port is close to the city center, so there is a large choice of restaurants available. For better restaurants, it is a good idea
It is possible to walk to the city center from some of the cruise terminals at Barcelona Port. However, some are too far for this to be a comfortable
There are several hotels near the Barcelona cruise port. These are ideal for travelers wishing to stay near the cruise terminals either before or
The parking at Barcelona Cruise Port is not free of charge. There is a parking lot within a few minutes drive of the terminals at the World Trade
Food and wine are some Vienna's specialties, and you can easily find a number of restaurants around the city that serve delicious local and
There are a number of hotels close to the Vienna cruise pier including the Hilton, the Radisson SAS Palais Hotel, the Marriot, Park Inn Uno City
There are many attractions close to the Vienna cruise dock including a number of old buildings, museums and a theme park. Some of the famous
Yes, Vienna Port is accessible via public transportation, so if you are on a budget, you can ride the bus going to the port. Vienna's public
To get to Vienna International Airport, which is about 17 km away from the port, you can either take a taxi or the bus. You can easily find a taxi
If you are driving to the Oslo Port, parking is available for the length of your trip in a public area at the dock. The long-term parking is open 7
Getting from the cruise port to the airport is made easy by the Oslo public transportation. Taking the Flytoget Airport Express train costs about
Cruisers enjoy a day at Oslo Port. Oslo is the capital of Norway and a beautiful city. Transportation, trains, buses, taxis and public ferries are
Taking the bus from the Oslo Airport to the port is convenient and the cost is reasonable. Buses run from 5 a.m. until midnight in most cases. Some
Hotels are plentiful in Oslo Port. This capital city has a lot to offer including hotels close to the port. The Scandic Asker in near the train
The great thing about Stockholm Port is that it is right in the city center, so when you dock you are immediately in the middle of the action. There
Stockholm Port is centrally located within the city and is within easy reach of many different hotels. It is worth bearing in mind that Sweden is not
There are restaurants near Stockholm Port, some of which are very highly regarded. For the best restaurants, try going into the city center and the
The Stockholm Port is right in the city center, and therefore parking in the area is available. However, the port itself is not open to traffic and
The closest airport to the Stockholm Port is Stockholm Arlanda Airport. One of the benefits of Stockholm is that most cruise ships are able to dock
When traveling from the Venice port to the airport, you can expect to pay between 80 and 100, depending on the number of passengers and how many
On your trip to the Western Mediterranean, you can get from Venice's Marco Polo Airport to the Norwegian cruise terminal via cab. It's only about a
As of 2010, the Venice water taxi rate from the Venice cruise terminal to Piazza San Marco was about 90, although fares may vary slightly by
There are many quality hotels close to the cruise ship docks in San Basilio and Marittima. In San Basilio, 3-star hotels such as Hotel Pausania and
When traveling from Central Venice to the cruise ships docks, you have a few options. You can take a cab, which is probably the fastest way to go
Both cruise ship ports used for Istanbul are centrally located, and not far from the city center. It's recommended that passengers either take the
Several seafood restaurants are located around the Lisbon Cruise Termina. The nearest of which is the Espalha Basas, which serves some of the best
The closest hotel to Istanbul's cruise port is the Ciragan Palace Hotel. Located near the cruise port and the Istanbul Strait, this luxury hotel is
The Crystal Cruise ship's terminal can be found on the point of the Istanbul strait (Bosphorus) near the Galata Tower. This point of the Istanbul
The Silversea cruise ship will either dock at one of two ports in Istanbul. Depending on your cruise itinerary, the ship will be scheduled to dock
The city of Istanbul is 17 miles east of the Atatrk International Airport. It's not recommended that you drive these congested motorways if you're
Bus and metro stations are sprawled all over the Lisbon Cruise Port. They are located just outside the Rocha Conde de bidos and Santa Apolnia
From the Lisbon Port, you can get to the Alfama District by riding a Lisbon tram. In fact, many locals agree that this is the best and most efficient
The cruise port is just 15 minutes away from the Lisbon International Airport. It is even nearer to the City Center, including the downtown area and
The cruise port is approximately 15 to 20 minutes away from the Lisbon International Airport (Portela Airport). It is located at Administrao do Porto
The Porto port is situated in the second largest city of Portugal. Porto is well known for the exportation of Port wine. It is situated right next to
Trier Port is a great river cruise destination for history lovers. The city is in Rhineland-Palatinate, one of Germany's oldest continually settled
Located on the beautiful Sane river, the Chalon-sur-Sane port is a wonderful place to combine historical sightseeing, leisure activities and
Being the city where the Olympics originated Athens, Greece's Athens Port has become a popular destination for tourism. If you're going to visit this
Since certain laws have passed in Western based countries Amsterdam, Amsterdam Port has become a popular tourist location not only for college
Cruise lovers from Europe have definitely heard of the Copenhagen port. It is a port in Denmark that is fast becoming one of the most famous ports
The Copenhagen port is a popular base of operation for cruise services and liners to operate in the Baltic countries. The Copenhagen port of call is
The distance between the airport and the cruise port is about 8 km. What is important to note is that the airport itself is in French Territory. You'll need to take a cab ride across the river to get...
There are several affordable ways to get from the airport to the cruise port. One of the cheapest and quickest ways is by taxi. You'll find that there are several taxi, rail, and train routes available to help you....
This all depends on how long you plan to sail and which lines you want to travel with. There are options for 8-14 day cruises along the Rhine River on a variety of lines including Viking River Cruises, Uniworld,...
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The Istanbul Port is located in the largest and oldest city in Turkey.
Copenhagen Port gives you access to one of Europe's most beautiful, historic cities.
Located in Ukraine, the Zaporozhye port serves cruise ships traveling along the Dnieper River.
The Russian city of Yaroslavl lies approximately 150 miles northeast of Moscow.
The Wurzburg Port in Germany is an inland port along the Main River which flows into the Rhine.

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