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The Osaka Tempozan Passenger Terminal is close to a number of different outdoor attractions. The nearest being the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. It has both indoor and outdoor exhibits and is less than a 5-minute walk from the cruise terminal. Probably...
Many larger hotel chains in the Osaka port area will offer their own shuttle services individually, so travelers should always check with them first. Hilton, Hyatt and Radisson are a few that provide shuttle services to guests. Some airports will...
There are several upscale hotels near the Osaka Tempozan cruise terminal. Many are within walking distance, but travel by car or taxi would be much easier. The Hotel Seagull Tempozan Osaka is about a 5-minute walk from the cruise port...
The closest airport to the Osaka Tempozan Passenger Terminal is the the Kansai International Airport. By taxi or bus, it would take approximately 30 minutes to travel. If visitors are traveling by railway, travel time would be approximately 50 minutes....
The Osaka Tempozan cruise terminal is located in the heart of the Port of Osaka harbor. To get to the cruise port, travelers must travel west from downtown Osaka along Route 172 to the Hanshin Expressway and Bay Route bridge....
Since there is a highly efficient public transportation system in China, there are a few fast ways to go from the Tianjin Port to Beijing. The
There are many day tour operators that offer amazing trips to the Great Wall of China from the Tianjin Port. If you book a private tour with them all
There is a well-established public transportation system in Tianjin. As a result, it is easy for travelers to get from the Tianjin airport to the
There are many hotels within the location of the Tianjin Port, and many of them are considered specialty hotels. There are some hotels that do keep
There is an area of the port where parking is available for those travelers who need to park while at the Tianjin cruise port. This area is secure
From the Walvis Bay port, the safest and most efficient way to get anywhere, including the Oyster Restaurant, is by registered taxi. Make sure to use
Bird Paradise is at Swakopmund, which is north of the Walvis Bay port. Even though you could just drive yourself there, it is highly recommend by
The Walvis Bay Yacht Club is about a 20-minute drive from the port. Even though you could drive or take a bus there, it is a good idea to either take
The Walvis Bay Port is about 33 km (25 miles) from the Walvis Bay Museum, which is in Swakopmund. Before you leave the port, keep in mind that the
It is important to keep in mind that in Walvis, the pub scene is mostly at hotel restaurants and lobbies. The Walvis Bay Yacht Club has a nice bar
The Rio de Janeiro port is quite far from the city center and from most of the tourist spots. This is why it would be best to ride a shuttle service
If you're looking for a place to stay near the Rio de Janeiro port, you'll find it quite difficult. It's not because of a lack of choices but
If you want to make the most of your time at the Rio de Janeiro port, you should visit renowned beaches such as Copacabana and Ipanema. Here, you
Located near Rio de Janeiro Port are various dining options that will satisfy your craving for good food. One of the hidden gems you should check out
The Rio de Janeiro port is located along Av. Rodrigues Alves, no 20. Aeroporto Santos Dumont is the airport nearest to this cruise terminal. This
Around the Sao Paulo port in Santos City, you can visit attractions such as the Church of Embare, which is famous for its fascinating gothic style
The hotels around the Sao Paulo port include The Grand Hyatt, Hilton Morumbi, Emiliano Hotel, Quality Hotel Jardins and many more. If you are on
Public transportation services will take you from downtown Sao Paulo to the Sao Paulo port in Santos City. First, you can take a taxi. A taxi will
There is public transportation available that will take you from the Sao Paulo Airport to the Sao Paulo port. It is located in Santos City
There are plenty of dining choices near and around the Sao Paulo port. Locals would point you to places like Bar do Juarez, Salada Grill, Veloso
Lome Port is a major gateway to the nation of Togo. The small West African country has had a varied history that has included colonizing by both the
The Luderitz Port is a small commercial port along the coast of Namibia on the Southwestern shores of Africa. It was founded by Heinrich Vogelsgang
One of the pearls in the Seychelles archipelago is the Desroches port. It is located in the eastern part of the island country, which comprises of
The Dar es Salaam port is in Dar es Salaam, formerly Mzizima and the largest city in Tanzania. It is a 19th century fishing village established by
The island of Curieuse, also known as the Ile Rouge due to its red soil, is located near Seychelles and is home to the Curieuse port. The island is
The Accra port is located in Accra, the capital of Ghana, West Africa. It is also the largest city in Ghana and the largest metropolitan in the
Located on Principe Island, the Bom Bom Island Port is a splendid spot to visit for adventurers as well as for tranquility lovers. Principe is a part
The Bangkok port is a unique juxtaposition between the east and the west. It is part of a city divided into 2 parts that are replete with modern
The Unithai Port is your gateway into Bangkok, Thailand, and you will be entering into a world of wonders. Located in the southeastern part of Asia
Banjul Port, formally known as Bathurst in the days of the British Colonial Empire, was founded as a trading outpost in 1816 on what is now called the Island of St. Mary.
The Antsiranana Port, also known as the Bay/Port of Diego-Suarez is located in the northern most extreme of the Island of Madagascar.
La Digue Port allows visitors to be easily introduced to the scenic beauty that makes up the Seychelles.
The Sao Paulo Port, also known as the Port Santos is the gateway to the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo.
Sokhna Port has a long history of being a getaway for Egyptians, and has increasingly gained popularity with passengers on Red Sea cruises.
If seeing some of the very best that Egypt has to offer is for you, then you'll love the resort area of Sharm-El-Sheikh Port.
Salalah Port is a major historical center in Oman.
Port Suez Port is a gateway for passengers visiting Cairo, as well as some of the Red Sea resorts further to the south such as Ismailia.
Petra Port is an amazing ancient city that's one of the top destinations in the Middle East.
Nazareth Port takes visitors on an unforgettable trip.
Muscat Port is the capitol of Oman and has an extensive history that has many cultural influences.
Luxor Port is a visitor's gateway to the history of ancient Egypt.
For those who love to visit places of ancient culture and history especially in cruises, Egypt is a country of adventure.
Khasab Port, Oman is located 300 miles away from the capital city of Muscat; it has been referred to as the Norway of Arabia, although the rugged peaks in this land are bare and rocky.
Jerusalem Port is located 37 miles from the eastern Mediterranean Sea.
Jeddah Port or the Jeddah Islamic port is located in Saudi Arabia.
Fujaira Port is located on the Gulf of Oman in the United Arab Emirates.
Edfu Port, Egypt is located an industrial market for old pottery and sugar factories on the Nile River, between Aswan and Esnal It is sometimes referred to as Idfu and is located in the Luxor regions of the Nile River.
Damascus Port is located in Damascus, the capital and largest city of Syria.
Giza Port is located in Cairo, the third largest city of Egypt.
Cairo Port is located near the Capital City of Egypt which is approximately 100 miles to the south; the port is along the Mediterranean coast and is near Alexandria City.
Bahrain Port is located in an archipelago that includes 33 islands.
Aswan Port offers a unique blending of ancient Egypt and Nubian culture.
Al Hudaydah Port is located in Yemen's fourth largest city of Al Hudaydah (a.k.a. Hodeidah) on the shores of the Red Sea.
Aden Port is an old city that offers an interesting mixture of traditional Arabic and British influences.
When arriving in Abu Dhabi Port, you'll find that your ship arrives at Port Zayed. This is the main Abu Dhabi cruise port.
South Orkney Islands Port gets its name from the Orkney Islands of Scotland.
South Georgia Island Port is part of the United Kingdom's South Sandwich Islands.
Half Moon Island Port is part of the South Shetland Islands chain. It gets its name from its unique crescent shape.
If seeing the rugged beauty of Antarctica sounds like a great vacation, then Elephant Island Port is a great place to visit.
Deception Island Port is one of the places that makes the South Shetland Islands unique.
Antarctic Peninsula Port is located in Antarctica's northernmost tip; it is located directly across from South America's tip and is situated between the Weddell Sea on the east and Bellingshausen Sea on the west.
Sydney NS Port is strategically located on the eastern coast of Cape Breton Island in Canada.
With Mt.
Puerto Madryn port is a deep water port, and the cruise ships dock at Alte.
Puerto Chacabuco Port located in Puerto Chacabuco, Chile is an Aisen commune. Found at the head of the Aisen Fjord.
Porto Belo Port is situated on Rio de Janeiro's south on the Atlantic Ocean.
Port Williams Port or Puerto Williams in Spanish is a Chilean port. It is situated on Isla Navarino in front of the Beagle Channel.
Port Stanley, also known as Stanley, is the capital and the one true city of the Falkland Islands.
Peru's Pisco Port has been named as San Clemente de Macera in 1640 by Spanish explorers.
Located along the shores of the Amazon River in Brazil, the Parintins Port is strategically situated as a major port of call for cruise ships.
Located in Brazil, Parati Port is establishing itself to be one of the major ports in Brazil.
Paranagua port is Brazil's major exporter of agricultural commodities sold in bulk.
The Paracas port, located in the bay of Paracas, is a popular port of call for many cruise ships.
North Seymour Port is located in the picturesque island of Galapagos in Ecuador.
The Natal Port is your port of entry to Brazil's City of Sun.
Located near the center of Montevideo, the Montevideo Port serves Uruguay, one of the smallest countries in South America.
Manta Port is the gateway to the bustling and developing city of Manta in the Manaba Province of Ecuador.
Maceio is the capital city of Alagoas state.
The Los Roques islands are about ninety miles from Caracas, Venezuela.
Laguna San Rafael is located in Chile's lake region in the far south. It has been recognized as a national park by the Chilean government.
The third oldest city in Chile, La Serena Port of call was founded in the mid-sixteenth century by Juan Bohon, a Spaniard Captain.
Itajai Port was founded in the year 1824; it is one of the leading economic ports on Brazil.
Isla Floreana Port is located on the sixth largest island in the Galapagos Archipelago; the Isla Santa Maria.
The Isla de la Plata Port in Ecuador is often touted as the 'poor man's Galapagos,' in that cruisers can experience all the nature and beauty of the Galapagos Islands but at a fraction of the cost.
When your cruise ship docks at the Isabela Port, you are entering an island that occupies approximately 60% of the Galapagos land area.
Iquique Port is located in the city of Iquique, Chile.
llheus Port used to be Brazil's main place of export for cocoa and dates back in the early 1500s.
The Ilhabela Port is situated in an archipelago in Sao Paulo in Brazil.
Ilha Grande Port is located in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. This island is not developed; the island is preserved.
Guayaquil Port is located on the Guayas River; it is 44 miles away from Gulf of Guayaquil located on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador.
General San Martin Port is named after the South American liberator General Jose de San and is located in Callao, Peru.
The Fortaleza Port is the capital city of the State of Cear in Brazil, pulling visitors to her shores for decades.
Florianopolis Port is located on Santa Catarina Island, Brazil.
One of the first ports in northern Florida is Fernandina Port; it is located along the western narrow coastline opening on Amelia Island.
Espanola Port is located in the oldest island of Espaola in the southern part of Galapagos group of islands in Ecuador.

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