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The reviews for Costa Atlantica are mostly positive, and many former passengers say they would go on a cruise with the cruise ship again. Many of the passengers who reviewed the cruise ship favorably were impressed with the design scheme...
The top entertainment options on the Costa Atlantica are a diverse offering. There is something to do for every age group. For the younger crowd, the cruise ship offers classes on how to mix cocktails along with ping pong tournaments...
Onboard expenses on the Costa Atlantica include onboard entertainment as well as onboard meals. Onboard entertainment can be anything from taking in a show to watching a movie. An example of an onboard meal is the $23 you will spend...
The cabins on the Costa Atlantica do not have tea and coffee, but other areas of the ship do. If you venture to Costa Atlantica's restaurant, you can enjoy free tea and coffee there. You should note that the ship...
The laundry service on the Costa Atlantica is said to be cheaper than a service at a hotel. To have a pair of shorts and 2 shirts cleaned, it will cost you about $12. The more clothes passengers submit to...
The Club Med 2 is a cruise sailing ship that takes to the sea every summer when it sails the Mediterranean and the Adriatic. Accordingly, the ports that the Club Med 2 docks at include ports in both the Mediterranean...
You should expect a lot of luxury and choice in the Club Med 2 cruise ship suites. The suites are the most spacious as well as the most sought-after type of accommodation on the Club Med 2. Each suite features...
Some common complaints in Club Med 2 reviews are issues surrounding small things, and nothing is serious. Many of the reviews for Club Med 2 are positive, but some common complaints center around the presence of young children scurrying about...
The Club Med 2 is operated via computer-controlled sailing. Its 7 sails are powered via computer, and this is combined with more fundamental diesel-electric power to give the sailing ship its power. The history of this sailing ship is that...
The Club Med 2 cruise ship is for kids, but it is also for people of all ages. The Club Med 2 cruise ship does make it easy for kids to join the cruise, because it allows children as young...
Yes, the National Geographic Explorer is very kid friendly, and it has educational programs and activities especially designed for kids on the
The National Geographic Explorer focuses on education, but that does not mean it is short on fun and entertainment. Unlike other cruises, the shore
All the cabins of the National Geographic Explorer are about the same. The ship can accommodate up to 148 guests in its 81 cabins. The cabins face
Although the National Geographic Explorer focuses on education, this by no means it is short on entertainment. This ship is part of Lindblad
The cuisine options on board the National Geographic Explorer are varied, but it is important to know that the dining experience is much less formal
The National Geographic Explorer is an educational cruise because it is fully staffed with professional academics and practitioners in the fields of
Onboard service on the L'Austral is great. There are many amenities available such as a spa, fitness center and laundry, just to name a few. However
If you are booking a trip with the L'Austral cruise ship, make sure to allocate a good portion of your travel budget to the onboard fees. The
The recreation options on the L'Austral cruise ship are similar to those available on comparable cruise ships. There is a spa where you can not only
There are 6 types of cabins on the L'Austral cruise ship (in descending order of class): the owner's suite, prestige suites, deluxe suites, prestige
The entertainment options on the L'Austral cruise ship range from the very relaxed to the very active. On the easy side, the Carita Beauty Centre
Although the L'Austral cruise ship's main cuisine style is traditional French cuisine, the restaurants do serve some international cuisine. There are
The standard of accommodations on the Seabourn Odyssey is very high throughout the ship, but there are still different grades of staterooms for
The balconies, or verandahs, on board the Seabourn Odyssey measure up to 65 square feet. The size of verandah varies between staterooms, but most
The spa on the Seabourn Odyssey charges fees for use of its facilities. A daily pass for the thermal suite and hydrotherapy pool costs $30 per
The Seabourn Odyssey cruise liner has 225 staterooms, all of which boast ocean views and luxury accommodations. The largest rooms have up to 1,682
There are no organized activities for children on board the Seabourn Odyssey. Children under 18 years old must be accompanied at all times by an
Finding something to eat on board the Horizon will never be a problem for anyone in the family. Dining is a more casual experience with no assigned
The Horizon has 721 spacious cabins to offer passengers. There are 489 with ocean views, 68 with balconies and 168 inside cabins. Generally, the
A cruise on the Horizon is a fun opportunity for you and your children. The cruise staff spends many hours with the kids at the Tibu Club, which is
The Horizon was renovated in 2009 and offers passengers spacious, well-decorated public areas and cabins. The 9 passenger decks house 721 cabins
Cruise passengers give the Horizon good reviews, stating that it is a smaller ship, but it is also one of the most elegantly decorated. The public
Despite the size of the Amadea, it only has 2 restaurants from which to choose. Although there are several bars on board, the food selection is very
The Amadea offers good options for fitness buffs who want to keep in shape with a fully equipped gym with treadmills, dumbbells and exercise bikes
Online reviews of the Amadea are mostly positive and praise the selection of destinations within Africa, South America and the Indian Ocean. The
Given that Amadea is owned and operated by the German cruise company Phoenix Reisen, you will find that it is a bit difficult to find the cruise ship
Although the Amadea cruise line does welcome kids and teenagers on board, it does not have separate or dedicated facilities and staff for the
The Thomson Spirit Kid Zone receives mostly very positive reviews. It is apparent that children, especially the younger ones, enjoy the kids'
The Thomson Spirit Cruise Ship offers amenities for all ages. There is a dedicated area for children known as the KidZone. This is located on the
The Thomson Spirit offers a choice of waiter-service and flexible dining options. The food on board the Thomson Spirit is generally considered to be
The Thomson Spirit offers Internet access on board. There is a separate charge for this which can be purchased while on the Spirit. If you decide to
The Thomson Spirit cruise ship offers a range of sports amenities for passengers to enjoy while on board. There are extensive gym facilities; Oceans
The Birka Paradise ship has a casino that is equipped with many different games to entertain guests while on board. There are gaming tables including
The Birka Paradise fitness center boasts state-of-the-art facilities including treadmills, cross-trainers and exercise bikes, as well as resistance
The Birka Paradise has tax-free shopping available on deck 5. There is a good selection of the usual duty-free goods one would expect to find on
The Fours Seasons Restaurant on the Birka Paradise is a contemporary, yet classic dining room with a quality menu. The food is modern, Scandinavian
The Havana Cigar Room on the Birka Paradise is a comfortable haven for smokers to get away from it all and enjoy a cigar in a civilized environment
There are multiple restaurants to choose from on the Louis Majesty ship. International cuisine is offered throughout the ship, including such options
Though the dcor and ambience of the Louis Majesty cruise ship are of high standards, there is no general dress code for passengers to follow other
The Louis Majesty is a contemporary ship that is decorated smartly boasting smooth colors and Mediterranean dcor. The staterooms and suites found on
The Louis Majesty boasts 9 separate lounges to choose from, such as the Royal Fireworks Lounge and the Polo Club Piano Bar. These bars and lounges
The Louis Majesty cruise ship is comfortable for families of all ages giving everyone plenty to do without having to worry about getting bored or
Online reviews of the Amadeus Diamond point out 2 main criticisms. The first criticism is that the ship does not have appropriate facilities for
Most online reviews of the Amadeus Diamond are positive because they point out that this ship is one of the newest of the Cruise West line and has
Most online reviews of the Amadeus Diamond point out that the food options are a bit limited on board because there is only 1 main restaurant, the
Online reviewers point out that the Amadeus Diamond is not a cruise ship for kids because of several reasons. First, the Amadeus Diamond is a smaller
Given that the Amadeus Diamond is one of the newest cruise ships of the Cruise West line, it will be a couple of months until there are enough people
The spa on board the PO Ventura cruise ship offers an extensive range of treatments for passengers to enjoy. Some of the treatments available
The PO Ventura cruise ship has three main dining rooms, all of which serve great food in a stylish environment. Yet if you are looking for something
The PO Ventura cruise ship has many great entertainment options on board. There is a magnificent show theater with daily professional West End style
The Ventura cruise ship offers a range of cabin grades, including the most luxurious suites, superior deluxe balcony rooms, balcony staterooms
The PO Ventura cruise ship has several bars and lounges in different styles and to suit passengers' tastes and requirements. The bars on board are
There are no additional charges for utilizing the wireless Internet aboard the Le Boreal cruise ship. All wireless Internet usage is included in your
The Le Boreal cruise ship offers several standard spa treatments. Their on-board spa is partnered with the Carita brand, featuring spa treatments
There are a variety of activities available for children on the Le Boreal cruise ship. Staff can help plan fun tea parties, schedule piano lessons or
95% of the staterooms and suites aboard the Le Boreal cruise ship have private balconies. Standard rooms feature a 43-square-foot balcony, while
The Le Boreal cruise ship does have computers on board for passenger use. The ship has a lovely lounge area with panoramic views, designated
There is Internet service available on the Queen Victoria cruise ship. Aboard each ship there is a computer center, and within the computer center
Most passengers aboard the Queen Victoria have given the food very positive reviews. The menu options in the dining have been quite good and the
There are many entertainment options on board the Queen Victoria cruise ship. One option many guests enjoy is dancing. The Queens Room aboard the
Passengers aboard the Queen Victoria are able to use the laundry facilities on their own, which are located on 5 decks of the ship. The cost of doing
Aboard the Queen Victoria cruise ship, passengers can expect to pay typical bar prices for alcoholic drinks. Depending on which beer you select and
The average cost of a Princess Suite on the Queen Mary 2 varies considerably, based on the itinerary you choose and the time of year you set sail
The children's area on the Queen Mary 2, aptly dubbed the Play Zone for children ages 3-6 and simply the Zone for children seven years and up, does
Most of the passengers on the Queen Mary 2 enjoy sumptuous selections nightly at the main Britannia dining room at no extra charge. Visitors can also
During the day, the dress code on the Queen Mary 2 is relaxed but upscale. Shorts and bathing suits are not allowed in the main dining rooms, and
The cost of beer on the Queen Mary 2 can vary significantly, since this ship offers more beer selections than just about any other vessel at sea
The Thomson Celebration Drinks Package is an upgrade offered to passengers which (for a supplementary fee per person per week) includes all named
Thomson Celebration cruise ship offers plenty of entertainment and decent facilities for family groups. There are useful multiple dining options
The Thomson Celebration is the only Thomson cruise ship which offers access to disabled passengers who use a wheelchair. There are a number of cabins
The Thomson Celebration cruise ship has four main categories of cabin. There are suites, deluxe rooms, standard outside rooms and standard inside
The Thomson Celebration cruise ship staff members are generally very helpful and polite. From arrival on board, passengers will notice that the
If passengers are looking to reserve a cabin, they should visit the Thomson cruise website and select the Thomson Destiny ship. Once there, review
There are onboard charges for all Thomson cruise ships, including the Thomson Destiny. These charges include any shore excursions you may want to
The Thomson Destiny cruise ship has top-of-the line fitness and health facilities. One of those facilities includes on onboard spa. The spa offers
The gala night aboard the Thomson Destiny cruise ship is an exciting and special entertainment option in which passengers may take part. Passengers
There are many cabin types aboard the Thomson Destiny, however there are just a few cabins with top-notch amenities. The suites and grand suites on
There are several times to eat at the Louis Cristal Cruise, so don't worry about getting hungry. Besides the dining time, there are is also a
The Louis Cristal Ships do not have any regularly scheduled activities and facilities for younger passengers. It is not a good idea to bring the kids
Unfortunately, the Cristal Cruise Ship has no regularly scheduled onboard children's or teenager's activities. The Cristal Cruise Ship seeks to
The Louise Cristal Cruise Ship prides itself in offering a casual friendly atmosphere that is a refreshing alternative to the strict environments of
The Louis Cristal has almost 500 cabins in its more than 4 decks. 318 of the cabins are outside, 165 inside and only 14 are single cabins. The
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The Classic International Cruise Lines does not post any bios or crew information on their pages. However, they do state their cruise fleet crew are predominantly of Portuguese descent, and fly their country's flag while sailing. The cruise staff...
Cabins on the Athena cruise ship come in a variety of sizes. There are standard size cabins which can sleep one to two people comfortably, as well as Junior and Balcony Suites for three to five people. Standard size...
The MS Athena is an oceanliner cruise ship, with a gross register tonnage totaling 15,614. Its capacity holds around 550 passengers and it has a dead weight of 4,700 metric tons. The length of the Athena ship is 525...

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